Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Update 2 in 1 / #CA0130-15E & 07L

As mentioned on my last post, found 2 other variants, one black and the other blue. Could have easily just added the extra colors in the coding of the last face, but I find a loss of definition when doing this on dark faces. So the file is a bit larger as I had to redo the faces.
Drawn from scratch in GIMP and assembled and coded in WatchMaker. As the brand is on the banned list, only a Dropbox link.
Tap Features:
Double Tap 6 to Unlock Tap Functions / Single Tap to Lock tap functions.
Centre to Zoom. Multi
3 to adjust Brightness.
9 to toggle Dim – Auto / On / Off.
Tap between 1 & 2 to Start/Pause/Stopwatch – double tap to Reset. The hands park out of the way, revert when stopwatch reset.
Tap between 10 & 11 to Toggle Faces.
Chrono Hand Battery Reserve in Dim.

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