Citizen Windsurfer D60 / C.1980’s



Tap Features:

Multi-function watch face with compass – smart watch with gyroscope required for this function.

Double tap 6 o’clock to unlock Tap Functions / Single Tap to Lock.
Tap center to multi zoom.
Tap 12 o’clock to toggle compass ring On/Off. Only active when zoomed out and compass is visible.

Tap Mode to cycle main LCD functions – 24hr Time / 12hr Time / Date / Heart Rate in small window & Steps with goal percentage in main window – goal % flashes when target is reached / Stopwatch with 1/100 second and lap time with 1st & 2nd place function / Time Zone 1 / Time Zone 2. Home hour is displayed in small window when Time Zones displayed in large window.

Tap Light to cycle Dim modes – Auto / On / Off.

Watch battery level replaces other functions in small window when in Dim mode. Full battery shown as 00 to retain 2 digits.

When Dim, the Phone battery level in displayed in the upper Seconds/Stopwatch display and the Watch battery level is shown in the lower seconds bar.

Start/Stop and Lap/Reset buttons are only active as Stopwatch functions when in Stopwatch mode. Stopwatch indicates hours by progressing from left to right along 6 thin LCD segments above the main seconds bar.

When Stopwatch is not displayed, tap Start/Stop to toggle hourly chime and tap Lap/Reset to cycle 5 levels of screen brightness.

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