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Your Comments/Opinions matter for Updating the website:

  1. Any recommended Website Page which is not available

  2. Any recommended Watchface or Watch Brand which is not available

  3. Any other suggestion for updating the website


Note: You can comment & give your opinion on everything about the website even the designs of any page or the overall deisgn of the website




Waiting your Comments & Opinions


23 thoughts on “Your Opinion Matters for the next Website Update

      • Do you have a list of brands that are forbidden? It would be useful to post that on the home page or the news page on this website so people know what they may not posy here.

  1. A true working search to separate out the Galaxy Designer watch faces.
    No matter which I chose, the box check, the after search filter, it’s doesn’t truly find just the Designer faces.

  2. I would love if you would bring some .VXP .XML .PNG type of watch faces , those were so good but it’s nowhere to find.These faces were running on MediaTek and FunDo app , it will be a miracle to see those.

  3. Love you website but it seems that I can not make it work anymore in my iPhone. Links don’t work anymore. This doesn’t happen in my iPad. Any ideas why is this happening?

  4. Some watchfaces are only in .gwd format. Would it be possible to convert all these .gwd watchfaces to “watchmaker” format?

    Also, Tag Heuer is missing.

    • No need to add more faces App like Mr. Time

      On this website, we mainly support Watchmaker App because of the easy to use interface and wide programming options available for creating or updating faces, easy to export and share option, and the wide variety of compatible watches.

      Samsung Gear Designer App is available for designers who are designing faces for this app.

      FACER APP is no more supported with new faces.

    • Watchmaker Faces is supported on All Samsung Watches which creates smaller size faces and with more functionalities.

      If you know how to use and design watches using Gear watch designer, you can download any watchmaker face that you like unzip the file using RAR program and use the resources to create your own GWD file

      then share your creation with us on the website

  5. I would like to see some recommendations for designers of watch faces, including the following:

    If a watch has a bezel with minute markings, make it rotate. The best option is one button to make the zero align with the current minute hand, and a reset. Plus the ability to fine tune +/- minutes.

    If a watch has a bezel with hour markings, the point is to show the time in a different time zone, so don’t make the bezel zero align with the current minute – that makes no sense. Just let the user rotate the bezel in either direction in one hour (or half hour) increments.

    If the watch has a 24 hour hand, set it to Zulu/UTC, as a true GMT watch would be. Not to TZ1 which forces me to set TZ1 to Zulu.

    If the watch has a 24 hour bezel, again, don’t make the bezel zero align with the current minute. Let the user show different time zones with the ability to rotate the bezel +/- hour increments.

    If the watch has a ring with city names, make sure it rotates or is rotatable, otherwise it is meaningless.

    Clean up the code when you copy a design. I see watch faces out there with all sorts of code for functions which are not used.

    Nobody even knows how to use a tachymeter these days, so unless you are replicating a desing which has one, don’t bother.

  6. I would like to see the Timex T41151 and T41161 watches as faces here. These are true GMT watches – the 24 hour hand shows GMT and the hour hand moves to show the current time zone, just like the Rolex GMT but for a lot less money. Unlike the Timex 3GMT on this site where the 24 hour hand moves (as it does on the actual watch). At least, it did on the one I downloaded, but I changed it to a true GMT watch. The T41151 and T41161 have much cleaner designs than the 3GMT.

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