Watchmaker Face Designer Manual

1. Watchmaker App full detailed manual

Watchmaker App Manual



2. Using Watchmaker App on iPhone with

Samsung or Android Wear/WearOS Watches

iPhone Watchmaker App

Steps To Load Watchfaces from the website to Watchmaker App for iPhone

  1. Open website in safari on your iPhone .. then:
  2. Navigate to the post that contains the link for the watchface you want
  3. Tap the displayed download link
  4. Safari will show a document page with some open options
  5. Long press the link at the top and choose copy (because you can copy the link when displayed in safari)
  6. Bring up the watchmaker app, choose import from url
  7. Tap the url textbox and choose paste.
  8. The copied .watch link is pasted in and watchmaker downloads the watchface
  9. Open the imported watchface in watchmaker app and send it to the watch

Note: should buy the premium license of watchmaker app to be able to send the watchfaces to your watch .. free version will not send