WatchMaker Live Wallpaper App Licensed

In the following link you will find a copy of the

Watchmaker Live Wallpaper Version 4.9.9

This is a free licensed version ready to use

Compatible with Android Smartphones and Android Smartwatches not wearOS



This App allows you to create wallpapers for your phone using the watchfaces available on this website.

Watchface functions can be accessed for the wallpaper directly same as you do with the watch


Best clock wallpaper for Android! No longer need a smartwatch to enjoy these amazing designs!

If you do have a smartwatch, now you can have matching watch and phone themes!

The App is also compatible with Android OS Smartwaches not WearOS which allows you to use all watchmaker faces and all of its functionality as wallpaper on your watch

Check this post which includes matching Wallpaper Design & Watchfaces

You can set the position of the watchface on your wallpaper in the settings by dragging or pinch and zoom!



Note: this copy is for testing only and to check if you are satisfied with the app or not

if you are satisfied kindly remove the app and download the original app from the playstore and buy the license


Matching Wallpaper Design & Watchface (click on any image to download)


The gallery was not found!


more updates will be available soon





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