Updates in February 2024

Here are some of the updates that we have implemented so far in February 2024. The list will grow as the month goes by.

  • Removed a plugin called Read More Login. This function was not working properly and is now replaced by the User Submitted posts plugin. The functionality is that you need to login to download watchfaces.
  • Added reCaptcha to prevent the loads of spam comments and spam posts.
  • Changed caching method on the site for it to hopefylly load faster for our users.
  • We stopped the Newsletters, are you missing that? Please comment if you want us to start it again.

Is there something you want us to add to the site, comment below!


2 thoughts on “Updates in February 2024

  1. When are you going to fix the problem with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic where the temperature units gets reset to Celsius every time I send a watch face to the watch? This problem is over 2 years old now.

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