The Hawker Harrier “Jump Jet” found service across several air and naval air forces during the latter half of the 20th Century. It represented a breakthrough in aviation design and went on to serve many missions with distinction. To pay tribute to the variants of this famed jet, AVI-8 introduced the latest version of its Harrier chronograph family inspired by the planes that flew for the Spanish Navy, nicknamed the “Matador”. In full timing operation, the Matador comes alive with a whirring of hands and wheels that create a dynamic experience not unlinke that of a Harrier in full flight.

At the 3’o’clock position, the re-engineered movement now features a disc display capable of a remarkable 1/20 of a second split time measurement. With chronograph seconds and minute read out, the Matador is a comprehensive timing device.Carved caseback that echos the turbine blades of the Rolls Royce Pegasus engine inside the Hawker Harrier.

In DIM Sunset Mode, the face behaves like DIM off during the day.
Exact switching between day and night, only in night mode with Color.

Made with Photoshop, encoded in WatchMaker.
Have fun with this new Face.


  • TAP 6 = Display unlock/lock Tap function
  • Tap center for zoom, twice for extra zoom
  • Tap 3 = adjust brightness
  • Tap 9 = move hands to 12 o’clock for stopwatch
  • Tap 10 = change face to backside
  • Tap 12 = DIM OFF/ON/SUNSET auto ON
  • Tap left sub-dial to start/stop Chronograph, double Tap for reset.
  • Permanent battery indicator in the left sub-dial.
  • UCOLOR for DIM mode, AOD w/o UCOLOR.







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