Bomberg American Eagle

Most of this was done from scratch backplate stars bezels etc. Numbers and Logo were copy pasted, the tachymeter ones and reworked some. The eagle and hands are cut out and cleaned this time around they had enough resolution to work with imop, i added some shadows to him for more depth mainly on the feet. Most elements are on seperate layers so you can adjust it to your needs. He’ll also open close eyes on tilt as the mexican eagle but reversed here, there was sadly nothing to stomp on so no gyros on this one. Once stopwatch starts the minute lines in lit mode white will turn black for a quicker read on the elapsed time (distance read), in dim they are red as on the original. I explain my ways on each piece usually mainly for newer members that want to get into watchmaking maybe as info hope you don’t mind the WoT sry. Enjoy GO USA USA USA beat the Mexican one if you can. @@ XD 🙂 Don’t plus it Mexicans this is one u can win if Trump is around or not. 😉

Subdials are from Mookie I just adjusted them some to my needs for a more metallic look, I tend to roll with his subdials if i need rippled ones since his dont moire size wise and for me to redo them might cause moire if i dont nail the size perfectly once they are scaled down, so thx once again for those +mookie​​​​​​​​​​​ they are rock solid to work with.




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