Bomberg Bolt Globe Guard Bundesadler



Here the self designed Bomberg Globe Guard Bundesadler that doesnt really exist

Thise one is a Day and Night Dial Design. The Hawk is one most germans know it was on the former Deutsch Marks Coins a heavy handed 5 Mark Coin most loved it as children you got alot of sweets for it in the day and it was the largest coin in the currency. Over the Decades they made a few designs of it, this is the one I grew up with mostly.

Features here include Animated and Interactive gyrod flyable Hawk and Day n Night Globe, self designed backplate, seperate Day Night Dim Mode. Rotating Gear in Lit mode in the back aswell but thats rather subtle.

Crafted in PS every Element from scratch including Textures using a standard Round Brush. Seconds hand goes into bat postion in dim as usual. Thats about it pretty much straight forward on this one




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