Bremont MKI-MKII-MKIII Jaguar E-Type Chronograph

Watchface Features:

JAGUAR is celebrating the release of the new Lightweight E-Types with a series of watches made by Bremont that use materials from the famous cars? manufacturing. Based on this, this WatchFace is created.

3 Watches for the price of one! Bremont’s Jaguar watch.

* Tap the top to change the watch.
* Tap the center to remove the bezel.
* Tap the minutes dial to start/stop the stopwatch.
* Tap the seconds dial to reset.
* In dim mode the second hand is battery level.


Bremont MKI Jaguar E-Type Chronograph


Bremont MKII Jaguar E-Type Chronograph


Bremont MKIII Jaguar E-Type Chronograph


Dimmed Style




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