Burberry Smoke Haymarket Nova

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6 thoughts on “Burberry Smoke Haymarket Nova

  1. It would be great, if you all would write the built GWD Version (1.2.1 or 1.3) so that we could decide wether to download or not. Normally 1.3 version does not allow an upload due to the 15% Ondisplay rule!
    So many new watchfaces cannot be installed, because the most of us changed back to the GWD 1.2.1 version.

    BTW. If someone knows a solution to install all with GWD 1.3 made watches in GWD 1.3 please post it here. Thanx again. 🙂

    1. I have a similar issue with all the watch faces on this site. I think they all upload compiled program which I think is the (.tpk) file. I don’t know how can one use this watch face. I googled a bit and it mentions that there is SDB.exe that can be used with install parameter and file to upload the face to the watch but, when I try that it says device id not registered. I was only able to build and load one omega face to my S3 since it was a GWD file. It seems you know how to do this from your question. Can you please help me with detailed steps or a URL where it says how to go about. I absolutely love all these faces. and these faces were a reason for me to purchase the S3.

  2. Take a look at Watchland App
    There you can download minimum all you find here.
    Nearly all of them you can upload with GWD 1.2.1
    On your smartphone you have to look for a folder Downloads\Watches
    This folder you first have to copy to the smartphones SD card (because many of the gwd files are not shown on the “internal” SD cards folder), and finally from the external SD card you can copy all the gwd files to your working directory of GWD 1.2.1 and upload them.
    But with many of those great looking watchfaces you have the problem, that they are too bright. So the S3 battery goes down to 20 – 30% inbetween 24 hours.
    You have to load your S3 each day. No chance to get 2 days or even more. But there is much more worse in this world. 😉

  3. Well, I told you, how to do it. So do it.
    I have the S3 Frontier and 95% of the watchfaces on Wachtland are working the S3.

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