Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000 Green


  • Second hand battery level when dimmed and second stopwatch in STW mode

  • Left subdial – 24h, AM and PM

  • Right subdial – day of week, hand will move to STW in stopwatch mode and STW will flash in green

  • Lower subdial – time zones (3 presets in watchmaker) , and analog stopwatch (minute and hour) 

  • Digital stopwatch – you can display or hide

  • Next event display

Events notification:

  • NO EVENT will be blue if there is no upcoming event

  • YES EVENT will be blue if there is upcoming event. EVENT will flash 59  minutes before the event starts and stops at the end of the event

  • In dim mode YES EVENT will be blue more visible for this period

  • However, event notifications depend on your watchmaker settings. If you have set to show you notifications for one-day events, such as holidays or birthdays, EVENT will flash all day


  • Tap bottom off dial to unlock/lock tap actions, all markers will blink until taps are locked

  • Tap 3 o’clock to display/hide digital stopwatch

  • Tap 11 oclock to start/stop stopwatch

  • Tap 1 oclock to reset stopwatch

  • Tap date window to display next event

  • Tap lower dial to change time zone 3 presets in watchmaker

  • Tap 9 oclock to change dim mode

    • Off, On, Auto, Always auto and Always on






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