Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000

  • Left subdial – 24h, AM and PM

  • Right subdial – day of week, hand will move to STW in stopwatch mode and STW will flash in red

  • Lower subdial – time zones (3 presets in watchmaker) , and analog stopwatch

  • Digital stopwatch – you can display or hide

  • Next event display

Events notification:

  • NO EVENT will be red if there is no upcoming event

  • YES EVENT will be red if there is upcoming event. EVENT will flash 59 minutes before the event starts and stops at the end of the event. In dim mode YES EVENT will be red more visible for this period

  • However, event notifications depend on your watchmaker settings. If you have set to show you notifications for one-day events, such as holidays or birthdays, EVENT will flash all day


  • Tap center to display/hide digital stopwatch

  • Tap 11 oclock to start/stop stopwatch

  • Tap 1 oclock to reset stopwatch

  • Tap 9 oclock to change dim mode Off, On and Auto on after sunset

  • Tap date window to display next event

  • Tap lower dial to change time zone 3 presets in watchmaker







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