Casio Surfing Timer Model # DW-403

I just love these old Casio’s and have had this one on the go for some time. Not really all that old, from 1990. Designed and manufactured in Japan, Unfortunately Casio’s now are made in China, so quality now not as good. These earlier Japanese versions are highly sought after, harder to find and obviously more expensive.
Both the 1 second and the 5 second counter display, mimics the pattern of the original. Was an interesting thing to code. Not sure what purpose it actually serves, but very cool to watch. Maybe that’s its only purpose!
Kept this graphically all original. Way to many taps for my liking, but was the only way I could get it all to work. Played around a lot with the dim and also added some functions to LCD display to make it more suitable for Smart Watches.
Drawn entirely and painfully from scratch in GIMP and assembled and coded in WatchMaker. 
Tap Features:
Double Tap 6 to Unlock Tap Functions / Single Tap to Lock tap functions.
1 to rotate the tach scale clockwise.
11 to rotate the tach scale anticlockwise.
12 to reset tach scale to 0.
Tap Centre to Zoom. (Multi)
Tap -MODE to toggle LCD function. – Reg Time / 24 Hr Time / Stopwatch / Battery Level / Heart Rate & Step counter. When in Stopwatch Mode – Tap Start/Stop / Reset.
5 to adjust the Brightness.
Tap – ADJUST to toggle Dim – Auto / On / Off.

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