CRD Chronograph Concept #1

I think this is a concept design. I keep seeing the attached image, not attributed to anyone, not even certain the logo is CRD. So who ever did it, hats off to you, love the simplistic design. I actually came across 3, so will do them all.


If anyone out there knows who did this, please let me know!


Kind of played around terribly with the zoom, as I still wanted to maintain the screw/lugs look. Also messed about with the Dim.


Drawn from scratch in GIMP and assembled and coded in WatchMaker. 


Tap Features:


Double Tap 6 to Unlock Tap Functions / Single Tap to Lock tap functions.

Centre to Zoom. Multi

3 to adjust Brightness.

9 to toggle Dim – Auto / On / Off.

12 to Start/Pause/Stopwatch – double tap to Reset. The hands park out of the way, revert when stopwatch reset.

Chrono Hand Battery Reserve in Dim.

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