DAMASKO DC66 “SI” BLACK Chronometer 2016

DAMASKO, a watch manufacturer based in Barbing, Germany. The company has been producing innovative mechanical wristwatches since 1994.

DAMASKO timepieces are a statement for innovation in the dress of classic, mechanical virtues. The DC6X Si models are tested and regulated in five positions. If you buy a sporty chronograph from the DC6X Si series, you can rightly expect to wear high-tech on your wrist, even if this is only expressed by a subtle “Si” on the dial. Silicon, the material from which the special DAMASKO spirals and escapement components are made, is one of the most advanced materials of our time in addition to its well-known use as material in the chip industry in special variations for micromechanics. The “SI” line (for silicone) equips pilots who test the Eurofighter at EADS (MBB). A solid partnership and work together to provide pilots with increasingly reliable surveillance.

Face partially reworked in photoshop, coded in Watchmaker. New Sunset DIM mode instead of DIM Auto. Automatic switching in uColor after sunset and back.

Have Fun with my new work.


  • Function with Display unlock
  • Tap  6 = Display unlock / lock Tap function
  • Tap Center for zoom, twice for extra zoom
  • Tap  3  = adjust face brightness
  • Tap  4  = move bezel forward
  • Tap  8  = move bezel backward
  • Tap  9  = move hands to 9 oclock for chrono
  • Tap 12 = DIM mode off / on / sunset on
  • Tap top subdial to start/stop Chronograph, double Tap for reset.
  • Permanent battery indicator in the lower dial.
  • UCOLOR for DIM mode, AOD w/o ucolor.
  • Days of the week in English and weekends in different colors.


DAMASKO Company History
Damasko is known in Germany as a mechanic. Damasko, the designer of ball bearings and surgical parts, is also a recognized supplier to the aerospace industry. Their numerical controls enable them to carry out complex machining on hardened steels (they have a CNC with EDM -Electrical Discharge Machining-, which enables the machining of titanium, hard metal, and hardened steels in the core).

In short, a beautiful little company with the purest German juice, divided into several parts, including one dedicated to watchmaking.
The watch department of this company was founded in 1994. Damasko then started creating housings in collaboration with Sinn. The collaboration between these two companies was discontinued in 2002 when Damasko started stealing their own wings and for which Sinn founded SUG (Joint subsidiary of Sinn and Fricker) Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH Glashütte.

Damasko has become a company with more than 20 employees. A company with strong technical skills, responsible for the submission of around 250 patents. These patents relate to steel hardening processes, self-lubrication systems for crowns, modifications to the exhaust anchors, the creation of a manufacturing plant with which the models are equipped, the creation of an alternative. with the traditional rotor (ball bearing) or a spiral with an almost unlimited elastic limit (EPS spiral). We are dealing here with a family company that has made a name for itself in the watch world due to its strong innovative strength.

The model has been tested by EADS (MBB) under the normal conditions of its pilots (MIL-STD-810F standard: Department of Defense military standard, low pressure, with acceleration and vibration). The watches behaved particularly well without any significant deviation from their precision and are therefore certified for this operating mode.






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