DG Spearhead

DG Spearhead offers a stunning visual experience on your round smartwatch. The outer dial, adorned in intricate golden patterns, sets the stage for a captivating timepiece. Inside, youll find a unique round dial with a white background, adorned with bold white numbers that stretch gracefully toward the edges, creating a striking contrast against the golden borders.  The hands of the watch, a glistening gold with discreet lumen inlays, move gracefully across the circular dial. Notably, the seconds hand stands out with its vibrant red hue and a distinctive white triangle at its tip. Within the center of the dial, a power level scale is displayed, accompanied by a white hand featuring a striking red triangle that indicates your devices current power status.  Beneath this intricate inner dial, a gold-bordered date window provides a convenient reference. Even in Always-On Display AOD mode, the watch maintains its charm, with the lumen on the hands and the luminescent white numbers continuing to captivate, ensuring your watch remains a stylish companion around the clock.


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