EDOX Sky Diver Military Limited Edition -MultiColor- REF. 80115-3N-VD – 2020

“Choose your favorite color”
Background selectable with uColor.

According to EDOX, a recent discovery of a sketch within the company archives, of a long-lost timepiece, the SkyDiver, led to the creation of a limited edition watch paying homage to the 1970s archival model.

In DIM Sunset Mode, the face behaves like DIM off during the day.
Exact switching between day and night, only in night mode with Color.
Made with Photoshop, encoded in WatchMaker.
Have fun with this new Face.


  • Tap 6 = Display unlock / lock Tap function
  • Tap center for zoom, twice for extra zoom
  • Tap 3 = adjust brightness
  • Tap 9 = DIM OFF/ON/SUNSET auto ON
  • Tap 10 = Change Face to backside
  • Tap 12 = set/reset time mark bezel
  • UCOLOR for Backgrounds
  • DIM ON and AOD, sec hand shows battery stat
  • AOD w/o color.

A mysterious drawing found in the archives of Swiss watchmaker Edox has rekindled a decades-old mystery. The sketch of a long-lost timepiece, the SkyDiver, had a scrawled note reading: “1973. Special production in strictly limited edition.” But nothing more.

A long-retired Edox watchmaker shed light on the story. The SkyDiver, he said, was rumored to be a secret project for a mysterious, wealthy Swiss colonel. The anonymous colonel wanted an exclusive timepiece for elite mountain paratroopers under his command. The watch had to be dependable and rugged – just like his troops. He chose Edox because of the brand’s exceptional water-resistant watches, able to handle any situation the paratroopers might face – on land, air, or sea. The colonel insisted on total secrecy.

Now Edox is releasing a new limited-edition SkyDiver, in homage to its 135-year history and for aficionados of fine military timepieces.

Powered by an automatic three-hand Swiss movement calibre 80, the 300m water-resistant SkyDiver features a new scratch-resistant ceramic diver’s bezel and a parachute motif-engraved case back. Presented with a grey military nylon strap complementing perfectly the green gradient dial, which is ringed by the jet-black and scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. An additional steel bracelet is also included in a special leather pouch.

The 2mm-thick sapphire crystal and the Superluminova X1 on hands and indexes will guarantee scratch resistance and readability in the most extreme conditions. Like its mysterious 1970s predecessor, the 2019 SkyDiver is a strictly limited edition to 555 pieces.

It is said that on August 1, 1973, the Edox SkyDiver was handed over to each paratrooper at a ceremony in the Swiss Alps. But to this day no one really knows if the tale is fact or fantastic fiction.







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