F.P. JOURNE DIVINE Calibre 1300.3 Blue Platinum 2023

F.P. JOURNE DIVINE Calibre 1300.3

Blue Platinum 2023

[27.23] No.: 271

(On Request 2in1, blue and black Face, black with luminescence).

Two years after the introduction of the Octa movement, F.P. Journe presented the Octa Divine in 2003. With its combination of time, moon phase, large date, small seconds and power reserve indications, the Octa Divine’s automatic mechanism was capable of delivering 160 hours of power reserve with 120 hours of precision timekeeping. Initially introduced in 36mm and 38mm cases, the Octa Divine watch with a centrally arranged dial layout, as opposed to more unconventional earlier designs, was updated in 2016 and made available in 40mm and 42mm casing. As if to mark the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the original Octa Divine, F.P. Journe recently revisited the watch…..

Exclusively available in F.P.Journe Boutiques and Espaces.

Prices are to be confirmed.


Watch Features:

  • 2 in 1 Face, Original blue and optional black Face, black with luminescence
  • For safety, a blinking battery symbol is displayed between 8 and 9 o’clock when the battery capacity is below 20% or less
  • Created in Photoshop and encoded with WatchMaker
  • In DIM Sunset Mode, the face behaves like DIM off during the day
  • Exact switching between day and night. High Graphic. I hope you like it
  • Function with Display unlock
    • Tap 6 = Display unlock / lock Tap function
    • Tap Center for zoom, twice for extra zoom
    • Tap  3 = adjust face brightness
    • Tap  9 = change face back
    • Tap 12 = DIM mode off / on / sunset / auto, black face only.
  • Battery Symbol between 7 and 8 o’clock is flashing when the charge is 20% or less
  • UCOLOR for DIM mode, black face only

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….Come 2023, and the Octa Divine gets redesigned again. This time, the changes are aesthetical, conveying a more classical and masculine look while keeping some twists, like the numerals being of a different size depending on their positions. The new iteration comes in 40mm and 42mm rose gold or platinum cases, matching gold or platinum 5-row bracelets and leather straps, with new dial designs to support your precious metal preference.

The dial is now whitened silver – or blue for the boutique edition. The date aperture, moon phase, and the disc window arc for the seconds are now elegantly framed, and the odd-sized hour indices are applied. All these elements are crafted from white gold for the platinum version and rose gold matching the gold case. The seconds at 4:30 are no longer indicated by the red marker introduced in 2016, as the new dial leaves no room for the aggressive colour; it is all about tranquillity. The hour and minute hands and the power reserve indicator hand are not FPJ-blue; they are rhodium plated or gilded steel, depending on the case material. With the demise of the printed numerals, the F.P. Journe Invenit et Fecit printed logo loses its position on the dial. It is now found on a rectangular plaque protruding at 3 o’clock, making it more pronounced.

Since the Octa Divine case suffered no improvements, let us move on to the calibre, which is, the 1300.3 (BREVET – EP 1 760 544 A1), made of gold and equipped to display central hours and minutes, large date, small seconds at 4:30, retrograde power reserve at 10 and moon phase. The unidirectional winding via the 22k gold guilloché and slightly off-centred rotor help reach the maximum power reserve quickly. Naturally, you can use the crown for even faster winding, which also sets the time, date, and moon phases. The movement features the self-compensating free-sprung balance spring, a balance with four inertia weights, a flat Anachron spring, and in-line lever escapement, to name a few particularities. This efficient calibre is decorated superbly; the bridges bear circular Geneva stripes with hand-polished bevels, and the main plate is circular grained.

Testimony, Calibre Octa

A Horological Ideal

“The Construction Of The Octa Calibre Has Less Powerful Ties With Horological History Than Do The Constant-Force Device Or Resonance Models, But It Symbolises An Horological Ideal Of Giving Timekeepers The Highest Possible Degree Of Precision And Autonomy!

One Can Indeed Note The Fact That If Church Clocks Are Placed So High, In Addition To Enhancing Visibility, It Was Mostly Because It Often Took An Entire Month For The Driving-Weights To Drop The Length Of Their Cords. Numerous Systems Were Invented To Increase The Operating Duration Of Timekeeping Devices, Meeting With Various Degrees Of Success. Given The Small Volume Of A Wristwatch, The Size Of The Mainspring Was Automatically Limited. Watchmakers Therefore Discovered The Trick Of Adding An Extra Wheel To The Customary Geartrain In Order To Extend The Duration Of Its Development. Unfortunately, Actually Using This System, Even With A Stronger Spring, Led Them To Observe That The Level Of Energy Actually Reaching The Balance Remained Low. To Compensate For This, They Fitted A Smaller Balance Using Less Energy, But Which Was Also Less Stable. It Is Therefore Not Unusual To Find That Some Watches Able To Run For Several Days Display An Extremely Unpredictable Level Of Precision.

This Challenge Was A Powerful Source Of Motivation! I Then Imagined That The Best And The Most Obvious Means Of Extending The Running Duration Would Be To Extend The Capacity Of The Spring Development. The Difficulty Lay In Integrating It On The Same Level As The Gear-Train And The Escapement, Given Its Stability: 1 Metre And 1 Millimetre Thick. Thanks To The Low Torque Of This Spring, I Could Achieve Extremely Fast Automatic Winding (One And A Half Hours On A Chappuis Cyclotest For Over 5 Days’ Running).

Once The Challenge Of Autonomy Was Thus Successfully Met With This Automatic Winding Calibre, I Knuckled Down To The Second Challenge Of Managing To Insert Various Complications Into That Same Movement: Power Reserve With Large Date Display, Fly-Back Chronograph With Large Date Display, Retrograde Annual Calendar, Etc… And Of Doing So While Maintaining An Identical Size For All Models.

Three Years Of Research And Development Were Required Before This Automatic Winding Movement That Is Unique In The World Could Be Presented To The Public.”

François-Paul Journe

(F.P. Journe, Newspaper, Ron D.)


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