La Danseuse (The Dancer Watch)


Here one for the ladies with a paper vintage doll from the victorian era i found online researching rope dance artwork and I liked it alot, so i decided to make a watch out of her for the ladies. It’s called La danseuse after last years movie. She basically walks carefully shifting one leg infront of the other on the outer rope/ring her feet being the seconds. While that happends her body gradually adjusts to keep balance. You can gyro the scene to make it feel more real and interact with it some. The umbrellas tip points to hours while the shorter hand in this case front hand points to your minutes. 1:24:30 on the preview for example. When you tilt the watch away her eyes close as you bring it towards you they open. If i find more time i may make her start walking on tilt towards you aswell and otherwise stand still. In dim her feet that are the sedonds point to your watches battery power as seconds tend to. All on sperate layers including the individual joints. A good programmer can take the animation further in other words making her bend at the knees and elbows while rotating to the general time. If i learn that which i plan to (watches with that example of code are available here) than i can breath more life into the characters on them. Just a thought, I figured I’d pass that along incase someone is intrested to make it better. Enjoy Ladies hope you dig this one. I done a few animated ones past week on my profile incase you guys dig this sort of watch. Cya soon with another one honeys.




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