Lip Ninja Chronograph C Late 1960s





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8 thoughts on “Lip Ninja Chronograph C Late 1960s

  1. Interesting Ahmad, you have obviously have been hit with take down orders for banned brands.
    I note that you now have a fascination with my work, as I don’t tend to do mainstream brands this has never really affected me.
    I do however appreciate that at least you don’t pretend they are your designs and leave the authors name intact. There are so many out there that just take my designs, wack there name on it and post for sale.
    I have been doing this now for about 5 years and over that time I have accumulated 18,000 watchfaces by all the old masters, right through to today. How differently this could have turned out.


  2. Perhaps we should talk, I have an idea for your site? I get your income is derived by advertising, maybe this can be expanded upon.

  3. Hi, I never pretended that these are my designs. Ipost the designs as they are without even a slight modification unless there is a function that is not working.
    If you like, I can create a special category for your designs and post all your designs there and you can upload your designs to this category.
    You can also send me all your watchface collection and I will upload them to a category with your name and even include your banner design.
    let me know what you think

    1. That’s pretty well my idea as well. My adage, if I can’t beat you , join you. If you don’t mind creating some type of group. I tend to post most things as “Watch Face Collection by T.G.Hall”. Also predominantly use a logo which I can email you if you like.

  4. I have created a special category for your designs “T.G.Hall Designer Faces”
    For faster & bulk upload, you can email me your faces and I will upload them for you instead of uploading one by one watch
    Also waiting for your LOGO or Banner to upload to your category

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