Mach Watch Concorde Gmt Valjoux 7754 2in1 V2 C

Collection Mach Watch, Model Concorde AirSpeed ®
GMT ETA-Valjoux 7754, 2in1 silver and black, limited version

Unfortunately, very little information is known, I had to adjust to the functions of the Valjoux movement. To make the time easier to read and stopwatch sec function, I added an additional 12h index (Tap = 1). The sub dial left acts as a small second or as a stopwatch minute counter. GMT time is adjustable, two versions in one face, silver and black (Tap = 11). Automatic switchover in sunset DIM mode. Completely revised with Photoshop, encoded in WatchMaker.
More Info see Function below. Enjoy this extraordinary face.

Function with Display unlock

  • Tap  6 = Display unlock / lock Tap function
  • Tap Center for zoom, twice for extra zoom
  • Tap  1  = shows extra 12h index
  • Tap  3  = adjust face brightness
  • Tap  4  = move GMT hand forward
  • Tap  8  = move GMT hand backward
  • Tap  9  = move hands to mach area
  • Tap 11 = change to 24h black bezel
  • Tap 12 = DIM mode off / on / sunset automatic on
  • Tap left subdial, sec or swm, to start/stop Chronograph, double Tap for reset.
  • Permanent battery indicator in the lower sub-dial.
  • UCOLOR for DIM mode, AOD w/o ucolor.
  • Days of the week in English and weekends in different colors.
  • The Mach Watch ® model Concorde

The marriage of unique aeronautical pieces with a timeless design is the essence of the Aero-Design creations. Today the brand accompanies the big names of aviation as the passionate ones, by offering them new pieces carrying the adventures of yesterday in the service of the elegance of tomorrow.
Designed to commemorate the first commercial supersonic aircraft in the history of civil aviation, the MACH WATCH¯ CONCORDE Model is part of the worthy line of creations designed by Agnes Patrice-Crepin. The design is inspired by the iconic Concorde instrumentation, the speedometer “Air Speed”. The dial on a black matte background reproduces the element of the dashboard of the supersonic, especially with the very recognizable hour hand in black and orange checkerboard.

A legendary airplane, a unique watch

On November 22, 1977, a supersonic aircraft first connected commercial flights from Paris to New York at 3:30 a.m.
The myth took off.

40 years later, it is an unprecedented homage that Agnès Patrice-Crépin wanted to pay to the legendary Concorde.
The aircraft known for its time balance could only be sublimed in the heart of an extraordinary creation:
A chronograph with a piece of supersonic.

The Mach Watch Concorde Air Speed ​​model is manufactured in a limited series of 100 copies in silver and black edition version.

MACH WATCH watch contains an original piece from the Concorde. The AirSpeed ​​model, whose dial shows the machometer of the famous and fabulous Concorde.

Each of the 50 numbered Mach Watch AirSpeed ​​has an authentic piece of the Sierra Delta Concorde, a special piece for lovers.

More specifically, this part comes from the rear part of the wing, at the front edge. It was worked in the form of a plate that was screwed onto the middle of the watch case. It is subject to reference and the date of release.

(Red, ronD.)





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