Messerschmitt Pilot Watch ME-209 “World speed record”

MESSERSCHMITT ME 209: Record-breaking
755 km / h – this world speed record lasted for 30 years. On April 26, 1939, Messerschmitt factory pilot Fritz Wendel and his ME 209 V1 (D-INJR) completed a flight at exactly 755.138 km / h…….

In DIM Sunset Mode, the face behaves like DIM off during the day.
Exact switching between day and night, only in night mode with Color.

Made with Photoshop, encoded in WatchMaker.
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  • TAP 6 = Display unlock/lock Tap function
  • Tap center for double zoom, twice for extra zoom
  • Tap 3 = adjust brightness
  • Tap 10 = shows extra Battery Symbol near date
  • Tap 12 = DIM OFF/ON/SUNSET auto ON
  • sec hand shows Batt. stat. in AOD Mode
  • UCOLOR for DIM mode, AOD w/o UCOLOR.

…….It was only on August 16, 1969 that a US pilot was able to fly 22 km / h faster with an extensively modified F8F-2 Bearcat. The current world speed record for propeller-driven aircraft was also set on August 21, 1989 with a modified Grumman Bearcat: 850.24 km / h.

Hansjörg Vollmer, producer of Messerschmitt watches: “As a manufacturer of sporty, sophisticated wristwatches, I can only take my hat off to all the aircraft designers, technicians and pilots who worked for this development. Me-209 developer Willy Messerschmitt would be proud if a watch model with his name reminded them of these top performances. ”This pilot’s watch impresses with its striking design with tachymeter scale and“ Roter 755 ”and the silhouette of the ME 209.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow.

The “MESSERSCHMITT” legend started with the long-distance world record of a Messerschmitt ME 108 in 1935. And it reached its provisional high point with the Messerschmitt KR200 cabin scooter, which is recognized today as a symbol for those economic miracle years when the general motor vehicle in Germany -sation started.

The watch and metal strap manufacturer ARISTO VOLLMER GmbH in Pforzheim continues this tradition with the wristwatch series “MESSERSCHMITT”.

Each individual MESSERSCHMITT watch model meets the quality requirements that a connoisseur places on ARISTO VOLLMER products. All MESSERSCHMITT watches rightly bear this seal of quality: “Made in Germany”.

Messerschmitt® is a licensed trademark of the Messerschmitt Foundation Munich. All watches are made in Pforzheim and are equipped with Swiss quartz movements and mineral glasses.

(Messerschmitt, Ron D.)







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