Micromilspec / FTU / Field Testing Unit

Not quite the end of the series of Micromilspec Military Style Watches. I decided to add this one, as I’m a bit of a fan of the simplicity.

When designing the FTU, they deliberately went for the most simplistic design to make sure the watch would be returned to us after use and not held onto by the operators. This plan has backfired, and no watches have been returned yet. Not even the one that supposedly has been crushed by an armored vehicle.

One of the unique aspects of the FTU is the «SYNC AT 12», a feature that lets us measure the accuracy of each watch when every operator takes a picture of the watch precisely at noon and sends it to us. This feature is helpful in other settings, but with the FTU, it is all about measurements and testing its abilities.

Drawn entirely from scratch in GIMP and assembled and coded in WatchMaker. 

Tap Features:

Double Tap 6 to Unlock Tap Functions / Single Tap to Lock tap functions.
Centre to Zoom. (Multi)
3 to adjust Brightness.
9 to toggle Dim – Auto / On / Off.
Second Hand Battery Reserve in Dim.

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