Minimalist Desk Clock

This very minimalist deck clock just caught my eye, it was all about that rather cool font. I have seen a similar paid font online. So I set about creating a inset, shadowed, engraved ttf font. However it ended up looking somewhat crappy.
So I decided doing it old school with png images and a lot more coding.
I added Ucolor as an option. Not something I normally do, but appears to work. The default face is the original green. Also added seconds and date.
Drawn entirely from scratch in GIMP and assembled and coded in WatchMaker.
Tap Features:
  • Double Tap 6 to Unlock Tap Functions / Single Tap to Lock tap functions.
  • Centre to Zoom.
  • 3 to adjust Brightness.
  • 9 to toggle Dim – Auto / On / Off.
  • 12 to toggle between original color and Ucolor. When in Ucolor, the taps between 1 & 2 and 4 & 5 become active, to set next and previous color


  • Download:

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