Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider – Carbon Skeleton


This watch has 47 rotating parts (since each gear has three layers ) and is a bitch on watch compute resources (which means it MAY not work on your watch but it does wok on my Samsung Frontier Gear S3 and my First Generation Huawei) … Even on watches where the gears don’t work the watch will tell correct time …
This is NOT a tourbillion… it has a gravity (automatic) winder and I have programed it to work as such, so moving your watch around will make the weight move and all the associated gears move correctly to “Wind” the watch …

I wanted to try a Skeleton watch since someone mentioned one and it seemed like it might be fun to do … I would not recommend it for the faint of heart … there is a lot going on in one of these and it can be a challenge to put them together … but a whole lot of fun … I have included four backgrounds, Black, white, Gray and mottled dark …

Tap on the winding weight to change the background color
Tap the center of the watch for three levels of zoom

As always, enjoy the watch



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