Seiko Zimbe Limited Edition


Watch Features:

  • Tap on 12 o’clock to rotate the bezel
  • Tap on the center of the watch to zoom in and remove the bezel





  • Download:

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4 thoughts on “Seiko Zimbe Limited Edition

  1. Can there be a version WITHOUT the bezel? The bezel on my galaxy watch is enough, so the one in this watch face is redundant. Just an fyi

  2. No need for a different version .. Just tap the middle of the watch to use the Zoom in function which removes the bezel

    Most of the watchfaces got Tap functions but not mentioned on the website due to the big amount of faces being uploaded .. so go ahead and download the face you like and check the Tap functions using Watchmaker App

    1. AHHHH thank you… only thing that would make the watchface perfect (for me, at least) is if an additional tap would remove the INNER bezel too… since I already pretty much have a physical inner bezel too. Want the actual face part as big as possible :). Thanks for the reply tho!

      1. OH I’m sorry…. Looked at the same actual watch that my friend was selling and what I thought is an inner bezel on your face is indeed part of the watch face (i.e. underneath the crystal). My bad… He couldn’t believe how I was able to get this watch (sold it for $850 CDN) on my Galaxy Watch lol

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