Universal Geneve Aero Compax C.1960’s


This is actually an interesting watch, as it was designed as a pilots watch. It has a 15 minute timer, which was more than enough tine to prep a plane back in the 60’s. Also has a permanent 24 hr hand .
I didn’t like the look of the hand, as it has an unusual spike on it. Also difficult to read the time as it is permanently on 24Hr with a normal rotating Min hand.
So I have made the Hour hand switchable.

Watchface Functions:

  • Tap 12 to toggle Hour Hand – 12Hr/24Hr

  • Tap Center to Zoom (Multi)

  • Tap 6 to Dim – Auto/On/Off

  • Tap 9 to Start/Stop Stopwatch

  • Tap 3 to Reset





  • Download:

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