Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000 3in1

Differences from other post:

  • 2 faces: G2000C-1A and one Black & White

  • Removed: 2 dim modes, stopwatch, events remider, 3 steps for face settings and features (only one tap to unlock taps)

  • Second hand battery level in dim mode

  • After the sunset the dial gets darker by 30 percent


  • Tap 8 o’clock to unlock/lock tap actions, all markers will blink until taps are locked

  • Tap logo to change dial

  • Tap 3 o’clock to select whatch or phone battery level progress

  • Tap 4 o’clock to change time zones, preseted in Watchmaker

  • Tap center to zoom, zoomed in default

  • Tap 9 o’clock to change dim mode Off default , On and Auto







  • Download:

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