Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000S-1a


  • Unlock taps in 4 steps for face settings and features

  • Left subdial – day of week

  • Upper subdial 24h for your location

  • Lower subdial – time zones (3 presets in watchmaker) , and analog stopwatch (minute and hour) , smallest subdial 24h for time zone selected, and 24h stopwatch hand

  • Digital stopwatch – you can display or hide

  • Event reminder and next event display

  • Auto reduce brighteness after sunset

  • Second hand watch battery level when dimmed and second stopwatch in STW mode

  • Watch or phone battery level display select

  • 5 dim modes: off (default), on, auto, always auto and always on

Events notification: 
EVENT word will apear under “Y” and will be blue if there is upcoming event. EVENT will flash 59 minutes before the event starts and stops at the end of the event. In dim mode YES EVENT will be blue more visible for this period. However, event notifications depend on your watchmaker settings. If you have set to show you notifications for one day events, such as holidays or birthdays, EVENT will flash all day. 


  • Tap 8 o’clock in 4 steps for face settings and features, all other taps ar placed near watch bezel and a text with tap effect:

    • Stopwatch taps: start/stop, reset and digital display

    • Dim mode, zoom, battery watch/phone select and next event display

    • Time zone select

    • Exit settings and lock all taps. If stopwatch is in use , all STW taps will be active after you exit settings untill you reset stopwatch






  • Download:

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