Tudor North Flag – Tribute To Sweden

The Swedish National Day is soon here (June 6)

So, I present to you the Tudor North Flag – Tribute To Sweden

A great watch face to wear on that day

And of course on other days too because I think its beautiful



Watchfaces Features:

  • Variable brightness. 7 different levels. Tap at 6 o’clock to choose
  • Auto brightness. Sundown 50%. Sunrise 100%
  • Yellow disc showing the watch battery levels
  • Weather station showing time, day, date, month, year, humidity level, Today’s weather condition and temperature, wind in mph, when the sun goes up and down, tomorrows weather condition and temperature, battery level for both watch and phone
  • Activate Weather Station feature Tap at 12 o’clock  to activate & again to hide

My goal is to make watch faces that looks good and realistic on a smartwatch. Therefore, I don’t do bezels because smartwatches already have bezels, and I don’t do Lume because it’s not necessary on a smartwatch. At the moment I don’t do Chronographs either, but that can change in the future.

Enjoy this watch face for the Watchmaker app for both Android and iOS! All my watch faces works with Android Wear OS and Tizen (Samsung Gear) watches





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